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The Sustainable Land Trust

Ensuring Sustainable Land Use – One Property at a Time


A project of the U.S. Energy Institute






To make our world fully sustainable…

ecologically, socially, and financially.


Key Objectives:


The primary objective of The Sustainable Land Trust™ is to ensure that any future development (or redevelopment) of a given parcel of land shall be done in a truly sustainable manner in strict accordance with the current land-owner’s wishes as expressed in an protective legal agreement known as a Sustainability Easement™.


A supporting objective of The Sustainable Land Trustis to develop, in close cooperation with all key stakeholders, the necessary legal framework for the establishment, recognition, and enforcement of Sustainability Easements™ within the existing legal systems, including local, state, federal, and international. 


What’s a Sustainability Easement?


In short, a Sustainability Easement™ is a legal mechanism which can allow a forward-thinking landowner to voluntarily ensure with the mere stroke of a pen that the land they now own or control will never be developed or used in a non-sustainable or otherwise harmful manner.  The concept is similar to a “Conservation Easement”, which is commonly used to preserve natural lands by legally protecting them from any appreciable development.  The Sustainability Easement™ differs in that it optionally may allow significant use or development; however, any use or development of the land must be done in a truly sustainable manner.  Note that a Sustainability Easement™ can also be used to promote future remediation or “regeneration” of properties that have already been developed in a non-sustainable manner. 


Ultimately, voluntary Sustainability Easements™ are a tool that can be used to protect vast amounts of land from harmful use or development, thereby providing many valuable benefits to both current and future generations of humanity.  


Further, considering the current highly uncooperative (if not wholly irrational) state of politics across the U.S., appropriate political solutions are extremely unlikely – despite the widely recognized urgent need to protect the nation’s (and world’s) precious land resources from non-sustainable use and/or development.  Accordingly, the wide use of voluntary Sustainability Easements™ may currently be the nation’s (and world’s) best opportunity to take immediate and permanent action to dramatically reduce non-sustainable development and/or use of precious land resources.  


Overall, Sustainability Easements™ can be used greatly mitigate harmful global climate change brought about by poor land use decisions-- past, present and future.   Perhaps best of all, they can be used today.  


Together, we can use voluntary Sustainability Easements™ to help save the world by preventing non-sustainable land development -- one property at a time.



Basic Procedure:


The very noble act of protecting land from non-sustainable development all starts with a forward-thinking land owner who wishes to protect, in perpetuity, the land that he or she now owns from non-sustainable development – even after he or she later sells or otherwise relinquishes controlling ownership of the property to another party. 


After appropriate consultation, The Sustainable Land Trust™ will prepare an agreement for protecting the property known as a Sustainability Easement™, which clearly and definitively specifies the land-owner’s desires regarding how the property shall be protected from non-sustainable development. 


Next, after reviewing the agreement and finding it satisfactory, the forward-thinking land-owner then executes the Sustainability Easement™, thereby becoming the grantor of the Sustainability Easement. 


Finally, as the grantee, The Sustainable Land Trust™ will serve as the trustee of Sustainability Easement™ and, as such, will work dutifully to protect the land in perpetuity from non-sustainable use or development in accordance with the granting land owner’s wishes as expressed in the Sustainability Easement™.     


Together, we have the ability to ensure your land will never be developed or used  in a non-sustainable manner.   We are here to help you accomplish this noble deed.



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